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Expo 67 Canadian Pavillion Tin Tray

25 Jan

expo 67 tray

Another tray that I found at the thrift store in  perfect condition.   This one shows the Canadian Pavillion at Expo 67 which was held in Montreal, Quebec.  I  attended Expo 67 when I was in high school and remember the Canadian Pavillion well.

Please note: these items are now SOLD!

Enamelled Tin Turkey Platter, Hong Kong

25 Jan


tin turkey platter

Enamelled tin turkey platter made in Hong Kong, dates to mid 20th century. I found this at a thrift store under a pile of other trays.  Fortunately it was undamaged and I scooped it up.  Very colourful and practical although it is only on display for now. I am leery of using it in case I scratch the surface.