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General Electric Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator, ca 1950’s

21 Sep

General Electric coffee makers

I was luck enough to find 2 of these vintage General Electric Stainless Steel Coffee Percolators in near mint condition.   One has already been sold.The other one will be for sale in my booth at the Almonte Antiques Market, 26 MIll Street, Almonte ON.   Just 30 minutes west of the city of Ottawa.

Price is $ 45.00

Note: Both these coffee percs are now SOLD!!!

Chrome Coffee Pot and Toaster

10 Nov

I went to an auction the other day and was lucky enough to win these two beauties along with the 2 cast iron trivets in one lot.  The coffee pot was made in Renfrew Ontario, Canada and dates to the 1950’s.  The toaster is a real beauty; the sides flip down to insert your bread and you have to toast one side at a time.  They came with their original cords and are in good working condition.    They were both quite dusty and tacky with dirt but they cleaned up very well.

Note: These items have now been SOLD!!