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Mid 20th Century Ceramic Tiki Mugs, Hawaiian Themes

24 Nov








Tiki mugs are tall ceramic mugs that had their origin in mid-century American tiki bars and tropical themed restaurants, believed to have been pioneered by Don the Beachcomber which was one of the first Hawaiian/ Polynesian inspired tropical restaurants in the US, started by Donn Beach in California during the 1950’s.

Fruit laden cocktails were served in these ceramic drinking vessels that were known as Tiki mugs.

The term ‘Tiki’ describes any item that has a tropical, surf, Polynesian, Melanesian or similar imagery on them.  I have had ones with Hawaiin Gods, Wahini’s, Surfers, Faces with Fu Manchu mustaches, Hula Girls and various others.  Some are made by Orchids of Hawaii which started production in the early 1960’s and continued until 1991 when they went out f business and sold their molds to Dynasty Wholesale.  Most of the tiki mugs were manufactured in Japan and later in Taiwan or China.  The ones made in Japan are the most desirable and the earliest. Most of the Orchids of Hawaii mugs have catalogue numbers on the bottom.

The Mai-Kai mug in the above photo is from a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale Florida that opened in Dec 1956 and is still in operation today.  It is the last restaurant/bar in existence to serve the original drink recipes of Don The Beachcomer’s.

These mugs are for sale in my booth at the Almonte Antique Market, 26 Mill St, Almonte ON, just 30 minutes west of Ottawa.

The market is home to over 50 different vendors and is open 7 days a week, 10am to 5pm all year round.

The mugs are priced at between $8 and $12 each depending on rarity.


Pyrex Cinderella Mixing Bowls, Homestead Pattern

20 Jan


Found these two pyrex bowls at a local thriftstore in excellent condition.  These are the two larger bowls of the set of four.    Homestead was manufactured by Pyrex in 1976 and unlike the other sets of bowls,  this pattern does not alternate colours.  All  the bowls in the set are the same pattern of dark  blue on a speckled tan background, designed by artist Estelle Rothstein, and it was last available in 1980. Pyrex dropped the name Cinderella from their ads and packaging by the mid 1960’s but many of us Pyrex enthusiasts still refer to the shape by this name.

Priced individually and for sale at my booth at the Almonte Antique Market, 26 Mill Street, Almonte ON.

Pyrex Cinderella Mixing Bowls Greens and Brown

13 Dec


These bowls do not really go together but the colours do suit each other.

A kind visitor to my blog explained that this set is a combination of two different sets: Verde and Town and Country. Thanks for the info!!  I am now trying to put together the two sets before selling them.

Pyrex Gooseberry Bowls, Black on Yellow and White

27 Nov

Set of Pyrex Mixing bowls in the Gooseberry pattern on yellow and white.   Ca. 1957.   Pattern is commonly found in white on pink bowls  and although these yellow ones with black pattern are not rare, they are harder to find. They are for sale in my booth at the Almonte Antique Market in Almonte ON

Please note these bowls are now SOLD!!

Glasbake bowl

13 Oct

Another rare find.  I find Glasbake patterns to be rather tame compared to the vibrant colours on Pyrex bowls, but this one is quite unique.  It is the largest of a set of 4 bowls, all of which have interesting tidbits about items used for baking printed all around the bowls.  Wish I had the complete set.  Alas, this one in not mine either but I do covet it.

Primary Set of Pyrex Bowls

7 Oct
Pyrex primary Set

A rainbow of colours

The original Pyrex mixing bowl set from the early 50’s when Pyrex started doing fired on colours on milk glass.

Please Note: These bowls are now SOLD

Friendship Bowls

1 Oct

Bright, cheerful colours in this Pyrex Cinderella bowls set.  Pattern is called Friendship. They are SOLD

Pyrex Colonial Mist

30 Sep

One of my favourite Pyrex patterns is this set of Cinderella style bowls in the Colonial Mist Pattern.  Lovely condition. Please note this set is now SOLD!!