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Holt Howard Japan, 1950’s Ceramics

29 May









The above are all examples of Holt Howard’s kitschy designs ca. 1950’s.  Holt-Howard was created in 1948 by John and Robert Howard and A. Grant Holt.  They made cutesy items for the kitchen and giftware.  They are probably best known for their pixie ware which commands high prices in the collectibles market.

The 1954 ashtray in the shape of a man in a striped shirt allows the smoke to escape through the mouth.  The cat ashtray sports a push down handle which empties the ashes  into the head.  The Rooster jam and jelly jar is one of many dishes that were embellished with roosters by Holt Howard Co.   They ceased all production in 1990.

These items will be for sale at my booth at the Almonte Antique Market in Almonte Ontario.


Please note the cat ashtray is SOLD!!

Vintage Water Pitcher, Asian Theme

7 Mar


It was a week  for finding beautiful items in shades of blue this week.  This pitcher is absolutely lovely.  I don’t know anything much about it  as there are no markings on the bottom but I believe it would be made in China or Japan for the export market.  Textured finish gives it some definition to the glaze.   It is quite large, about 10″ tall.  This will be for sale at my booth at the Almonte Antique Market for $45.00.

Please note this item is now SOLD!!

White Shadow Hoya China Cow Dishes

15 Feb


Cutest  little plates, measure about 6″ across.  Each one with a different hand painted picture of a cow.  Made in Japan.  I couldn’t find anything online to date these plates, but my best guess would be the 60’s.

Note: These have been SOLD.