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Hazel Atlas Bird Series Glasses, Mid Century

31 Dec


Manufactured by Hazel Atlas Glass Co in the mid 50s.  Cardinals, bluebirds, Orioles and Gold Finches adorn these tall frosted glasses.

For this and other Fab Finds, please visit my booth in the Almonte Antique Market, 26 Mill Street, Almonte ON.

Just 30 minutes west of the city of Ottawa.  Open year round, 7 days a week from 10am to 5pm. Over 50 vendors in a 2 storey brick heritage building in the town of Almonte.

These glasses are priced at $20 for the set.

Please note these glasses are now SOLD!!!


Hazel Atlas Moderntone Platonite Pastel Dishes, Ca. 1950’s

21 Sep


Complete set of vintage Hazel Atlas Moderntone Platonite dishes, in the pastel colours. Ca. 1950’s.

Breakfast set consists of 4 dinner plates, 4 bowls, 4 cups, 4 saucers, cream and sugar.

For sale at my booth in Almonte ON, at the Amonte Antiques Market, 26 Mill Street.

Just 30 minutes west of the city of Ottawa.

Priced at $75 for the set.

Please NOTE: This set is now SOLD!!!

Hazel Atlas Moderntone Platonite Little Hostess Party Dish Set, ca 1950’s

4 May



Cute as can be, this is a 1950’s Moderntone Platonite Child’s dish set with teapot, made by Hazel Atlas Co.  It is milk glass with fired on pastel colours.  The tea pot is from another set which would have been in darker tones, like maroon, grey, turquoise and chartreuse. The teapot is about 3 1/2″ high.

For sale. set of dishes is $45.00 and the teapot is $25.00.  Available at the Almonte Antique Market in Almonte ON.

Please note this set is now SOLD!!

Pink Depression Glass

13 Dec


cookie jarbowl














In the above photos one item is a reproduction.  Can you spot it?  It is the pitcher.  This pitcher was never made by Hazel Atlas in this colour and you can tell when they are grouped together that the pink is more orangy than the other  pink pieces which are genuine.  Most likely the pitcher was made in the 1990’s by an offshore company trying to cash in on the collectibility of depression glassware.   The  10″ berry bowl is by Hazel Atlas and the pattern is Royal Lace ca. 1930’s.  The sandwich plate is Cherry Blossom by Jeannette Glass Co. ca. 1930’s.  The cookie jar is by Federal Glass Co. ca 1930’s and the pattern is Mayfair Open Rose.  The pattern on the repro pitcher is called Florentine 2.

I found the sandwich plate and the berry bowl yesterday while out and about.  Both were in perfect condition with no chips or wear around the edges.


Ritz Blue Tumblers

4 Oct

These were made by Hazel Atlas and were manufactured ca 1938.  They are part of the ‘Sportsman Series’ barware.  The pattern is called simply ‘Ships’.  The colour was dubbed Ritz Blue by Hazel Atlas.  It is hard to find them with the white decoration in good condition.

They are available at my booth at the Almonte Antique Market, 26 MIll Street, Almonte ON.  Please note I do not ship.

Orchard Ware by Hazel Atlas Glass Co.

30 Sep

Hazel Atlas  made this set around 1950.  It is part of the Orchard Ware line and shown is a partial salad set with a large dark green 10″ salad bowl and three smaller chartreuse 6″ single serving bowls, in the shape of apples.   The colours are fired on a milk glass base.   The sets were made in a variety of colours like maroon, turquoise, avocado, rose, black, white, yellow and gray as well as the dark green and chartreuse pictured.  There were usually  several complementary colours in one set.  They also made Apple Snack Sets which consisted of 4 ringed plates and matching cups.

Please note these dishes have been SOLD!!