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Carlton Ware Hand Painted Australian Design Pin Dishes

25 Feb

carlton ware 5 dishes

carlton ware leafIMG_7013


Five very nice examples of Carlton Ware pin dishes.  I think these patterns are more common as I see them on ebay quite frequently.  These five dishes are in very nice condition, with no crazing that I could see and no nicks or damage.  The backstamp on these was used between 1935 to 1961.IMG_7016


These are the perfect size to put on a dresser to hold a few pairs of earrings.

Found the following information at this web site: http://www.pristineantiques.com.

By the mid 1930’s the Japanese had become masters of copying good quality wares and Carlton Ware became a target. Prices for the imitations were much lower than the originals they copied, which caused much concern. However, Cuthbert discovered a clause in the South East Asia Treaty Organisation (SEATO) between Australia and Japan where designs registered in Australia could not be copied by the Japanese. He quickly took advantage of this by registering a large number of patterns in Australia. This explains the “Registered Australian Design) backstamp on many of their patterns.

I stumbled across another great site( nicholnack.com) that has some beautiful and unusual examples of Carlton Ware if you are interested. The site has photos of backstamps you can refer to if you want  to date your pieces and a lot of history on Carlton Ware as well as other fine ceramics. 

These will be for sale at my booth at the Almonte Antique Market, 26 Mill Street, Almonte ON

Priced at $8 each

‘Luscious’ Tunstall Plate and Small Urn

19 Oct
Tunstall pieces

Who knew brown could be so pretty?

The porcelain plate and urn were manufactured by H.K. Tunstall around the 1930’s when Art Deco was all the rage.  The hand painted pattern of apples and pears  is called Luscious.  There were 14 different hand painted designs in the Luscious series.  These dishes are becoming quite expensive to buy so for now I have a collection consisting of two pieces until I come across some at a decent price.  The hand crafted wood apples were a gift from my son from his recent travel to NFLD this summer. I thought they fit in beautifully with the dishes.