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1950’s Chrome Chair Restoration Project

15 Oct
Chrome chair after

What a difference!


Chrome chair

A challenge

A friend brought over her set of  red vinyl and chrome chairs that she had purchased at an antique store.  She got them for a good price because they needed restoring.   We started with cutting out new wood pieces for the seats and backs as the old ones were mildewed.  All the chrome was cleaned using a lot of elbow grease and some good chrome cleaning products along with very fine steel wool.  Using the old vinyl as a template, we fashioned new covers for the seats and backs with tomato red marine vinyl and trimmed the chair back opening with white vinyl.   The stuffing was replaced with new upholstery felt. The old cracked plastic feet were replaced with new white plastic ones to complete the look.   We were all really pleased with the results. Pictured are the before and after shots.