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Vintage Sparklets Corkmaster Wine Bottle Opener ca. Mid Century

27 Feb




The Sparklets Corkmaster uses  a Sparklets Bulb Cartridge which has CO2 gas in it. The Corkmaster is inserted in the cork and when the gas is released, it gently lifts the cork out of the bottle.  The gas bulbs are the same ones that would have been used in a Syphon Bottle.    These date to the 1960’s and 70’s and were manufactured by the British Oxygen Company.  Unique item that would still be serviceable today if you could find the CO2 replacement cartridges.

I came across this information on several sites while doing some research on the Corkmaster.  How true this is I am not sure……..but it is rather funny.

The Sparklets Corkmaster Was Manufactured By British Oxygen Company’s Sparklets Works
From The 1960s Until 1981. The largest Consumer Of The Corkmasters Was The American
Department Of Defense. These Were Used By Elite Military Groups, Which Allowed Them To
Silently Kill The Enemy By Injecting CO2 Into Their Bloodstream Thus Causing An Embolism;
Death Followed Shortly…

In The Final Scene Of The 1971 James Bond Film Diamonds Are Forever, Bond (Sean Connery)
And Tiffany Case (Jill St. John) Are Offered A Gourmet Dinner. Mr. Wint (Bruce Glover) Presents
A Bottle Of Wine To Bond And Then Prepares To Open it. The Threatening Look in of the pictures shows Him Ready To Stab The Cork With A Sparklets Corkmaster…….or is he preparing to stab something else?????

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