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Teak Salad Bowl Set, Teak Shakers, Mid Century Modern

26 Jan


Here are a few examples of Mid Century Modern Teak kitchen ware.  There is a large salad bowl with 4 individual serving bowls and salad servers, made in Thailand.  There is a pair of candle holders, 2 sets of salt and pepper shakers and two small bowls.

All these items will be available at the Ottawa Antique and Vintage Market on March 21 and 22nd, 2015  at the Carleton University Fieldhouse Show where I will have a booth set up.

If you like mid century kitchen items, visit my booth at the Almonte Antique Market, 26 Mill Street, Almonte ON, just 30 minutes west of the city of Ottawa.  Open year round, daily from 10am to 5pm.  The buidling is home to over 50 different vendors.

Please note that all these items are now SOLD!!!!


Cristal J. G. Durand, Pair of Crystal Candle Holders

23 Nov

JG France Candle holders

Two lovely crystal candle holders by J. G. Durand. The tallest one is 6 1/4″ tall and the other one is 4 1/8″ tall.  The diameter is 1 3/4″.  They are finely ribbed horizontally and are made of solid glass therefore quite heavy.  The smaller one has a very minor nick on the top edge which is barely visible.

J.G. Durand falls under the Arc International Group from Northern France.

The following information was on Wikipedia:

Brands under the Arc group include its own Luminarc (launched in 1948), Arcoroc (launched in 1963 for use in restaurant industry), Cristal d’Arques (launched in Europe in 1968), Longchamps (launched in the US in 1968), Salviati (acquired in Italy in 1999), Pyrex (under license in Europe from World Kitchen since 2005) and the fine crystal brand J. G. Durand.

Mikasa Inc.(originally purchased by Arc from founder George Aratani in 2000)[4] was sold by the firm to Lifetime Brands in 2008 for an undisclosed amount.[5]

These candle holders can be found at my booth at the Almonte Antique Market, 26 Mills Street, Almonte, ON just 30 minutes west of Ottawa.

Open 7 days a week, from 10am to 5pm, all year round. The market houses over 50 different vendors in one convenient location.

These are priced at $25 for the pair.

Please note these candle holders are now SOLD!!

Funny Party Leuchter Candles and Candle Stick Holders,

19 Apr



These are probably 1960’s or early 70’s, with the red polka dot mushrooms theme.  Mushrooms were quite the thing in the early 70’s.  I know, I lived through it.

These cute little candle holders are made in West Germany by Leuchter and I have seen boxes with the name Funny Leuchter and now these with Party-Leuchter.  I think leuchter means candlestick, or candlelabra.

Complete in the original box, with the original candles, always a plus.

These are for sale at my booth at the Almonte Antique Market, 26 Mill Street, Almonte ON

Priced at $8.00

Please note this item is SOLD!!


Orrefors Crystal Raspberry Votive Candle Holders

26 Mar


These are heavy crystal candle holders made by Orrefors, Sweden.  The pattern is called Raspberry because of the bubble like surface.  Orrefors has been in business since 1898.

According to the Orrefors website: The popular Raspberry series was created in the beginning of the nineties and has become one of the great Orrefors classics. The rounded lobes of the raspberry give the crystal a soft, graceful feel.

These still have their original stickers on them.

For sale at my booth at the Almonte Antique Market, 26 Mill Street, Almonte ON.

Priced at $ $25 for the pair.