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Baribo-Maid Maple Salad Bowls

8 Jul

baribocraft bowl set

This salad bowl set was made by Baribeau & Fils Inc  in Montreal Quebec in the 1960’s under the trademark Baribocraft.   Baribocraft was made for the retail market and their other trademark Baribo-Maid was made for the wholesale market.  Baribeau ceased production in the 1970’s.

They used Canadian maple wood and skilled Canadian artisans to produce lasting and beautiful woodenware.  The result is high quality woodenware items that are still sought after today.

During the 1950’s and 1960’s the Danish modern teak look was very popular so Baribocraft stained some of the their maple wood bowls teak in order compete in that market.  Some of their bowls were left in the natural lighter maple wood colour like the set above.

These bowls have been lightly cleaned and sanded and then hand rubbed with a foodsafe beeswax wood finish which brings out the natural colour and highlights of the wood.  Truly beautiful woodenware.