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Vintage Water Pitcher, Asian Theme

7 Mar


It was a week  for finding beautiful items in shades of blue this week.  This pitcher is absolutely lovely.  I don’t know anything much about it  as there are no markings on the bottom but I believe it would be made in China or Japan for the export market.  Textured finish gives it some definition to the glaze.   It is quite large, about 10″ tall.  This will be for sale at my booth at the Almonte Antique Market for $45.00.

Please note this item is now SOLD!!

Silhouette Pictures

25 Jan

silhouette photos

I have always liked  silhouette pictures.  These  were found at a local thrift store and I was thrilled to get them.  They are reverse paintings on glass.  I think these would be from the  1930’s or 40’s.   The glass is slightly convex, adding some depth to the images.

Note: These have been SOLD

Vintage Biltmore Hat Box

20 Jan




This is by far the most interesting hat box that I have owned.  It is in a bit of rough shape with damage to the top and pretty dusty and dirty as well but it still displays beautifully.   Biltmore Hat Co. started out as The Fried Hat Company and was sold in 1920 to 3 men in Guelph who renamed the business the Biltmore Hat Co. after the famous Biltmore Hotel in New York.  They felt the name would evoke the style and elegance they wanted to associate with their hats.  It continues to be a thriving business today, although it went through many ups and downs financially.   I don’t know the date of this particular hat box but I think it would have been one of the earlier ones.

Note: This is now SOLD

Vintage Light Fixture Shade, Frosted Glass

11 Jan


I quite like these old glass light shades.  This one is about 6″ tall and is made of very thick and heavy glass,  and painted  with a soft frosted amber colour.  It is in excellent condition and I think very charming and simple.  Probably suitable for a hallway more than a bedroom.  I would date this to around the 40’s or earlier.   Found it at my local thrift store (my favourite hangout during the day).

Note: This has been SOLD!!

Antique Steel Cut Beaded Purses

11 Jan

beaded purses

I came across these beautiful antique purses at a recent sale and snapped them up.  The silver one is steel cut beads. They all date from late 1800’s to early 1900’s.  I believe this was the art nouveau period.  The floral one is tiny glass beads and the gold one is steel cut beads.  All are in very good condition.  They are for sale in my booth at the Almonte Antique Market in Almonte ON.

beaded purse rose with strap


This one is missing part of the strap that inserts through holes in the top of the bag.  It is beautifully detailed and much more impressive in real life.

Please note that the one with the roses and the gold coloured one are now SOLD!!