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Mid Century Modern Brass Metal Wall Art

12 Dec

metal wall art

Great piece of mid century metal wall art,  given to me as a gift and proudly hangs in my kitchen.  Subtle but charming I think.


Lincoln Beautyware Canister Set

17 Nov

Lincoln Beautryware canisters

Lincoln Beautyware Canisters made in the US ca. 1960’s.  Brushed chrome finish and wood handles.   Remember when every home had a bread box?  I don’t think they are as widely used today as they take up so much room on a counter.   I found this set a local auction and was lucky enough to get them for a good price.  A must have though if you want that retro look in your kitchen.  These are for sale at my booth in Almonte.

Note: This set is now SOLD!!

Sherman Jewelry

10 Nov

Couldn’t believe my luck when I spotted this lot of Sherman Jewelry for a decent price at a recent sale.   My photo does not do these pieces justice.   The sparkle on these beauties is amazing!   Sherman was a Canadian designer of high end costume jewelry and all his pieces were made with the highest quality crystals and rhinestones, and most have rhodium plating on the backs.  The rhodium never tarnishes and they look as fabulous as the day they were made.  These are probably ca 1950’s or 60’s.

Please note these items are now SOLD!!

Robert Shaw Lux Minute Minder

30 Oct

green timer

It works fine and reminds me of the avocado kitchen decor of the 60’s that I grew up with.

Please note this item is now SOLD!!

Colditz Germany Teapot and Cups

30 Oct
Colditz Teapot

Mod pattern is so 60’s

Made in the German Democratic Republic by Colditz which operated from 1949 to 1990 in Eastern Germany. This partial set was probably made in the late 60’s or early 70’s.
Please note these items are now SOLD!!

T.G. Green Casserole Dishes

22 Oct
T.G Green Fleur

Forward thinking designs from the 60’s

T. G. Green Potteries Co.  in England manufactured these great vintage casseroles in the early 60’s.  The designer was Berit Turnel.  In the background are a salad bowl and side plates by Jeannette Glass Co. USA, in the Ultramarine Swirl pattern ca 1930’s.  They are on display in my booth at the Almonte Antique Market, Almonte ON.

Please note the Ultramarine bowl and plates are SOLD and the T.G. Green Casseroles are SOLD!!

Hayhoe Flowerdale Teapot Collection

19 Oct
Hayhoe Teapot Collection

Tea anyone?

From my own collection, here are 5 pretty teapots issued by R.B. Hayhoe (Flowerdale) Tea Company out of Toronto and made by Beauce Ceramics  in Quebec ca. late 60’s to mid 70’s.   I also have a cookbook put out by Flowerdale, featuring Gourmet recipes.  I love these little Aladdin type teapots.  I am on the hunt for the green ones and the cream coloured ones.  Very elusive pieces as I have been looking for years now.

Orange Butterprint Pyrex Bowls

13 Oct
Butterprint Pyrex bowls

Rarely found orange Butterprint Pyrex bowls

Unusual orange colour for this popular Pyrex  Butterprint/Amish pattern.  I have never seen the colour before one of my fellow vendors in the market brought these in.  Unlike the other Pyrex Cinderella style bowls, these do not alternate with a solid colour.

Thanksgiving dinner dishes

10 Oct
Thanksgiving dinner dishes

Amazing pumpkin decorated dishes from the 60’s

Pyrex casseroles and assorted items from my stock were pulled together to serve Thanksgiving dinner. The lovely set of  decorated dishes are made by Island Worcester in Jamaica and all hand painted with what looks like apples. I thought they were pumpkins but they have a stem and leaf like an apple.  The pattern was designed by the famous Vera Neumann.   Orange pyrex oval casserole dishes are from the Friendship pattern series.  The dark brown and caramel coloured oval divided dish is the Old Orchard pattern.  Amber glass goblets are by Indiana Glass Co. in the Mount Vernon pattern from the 60’s.  Etched amber wine glasses are also from the 60’s.  Assorted bakelite handled utensils complement the dishes and all are layed out on a vintage 60’s rooster tablecloth.