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Royal Albert Greenwood Tree Pattern Dishes

27 Feb


IMG_7034 IMG_7036






Dishes are from Royal Albert Crown China made in England in the Greenwood Tree pattern. The back stamp on these dishes dates them from 1927 to 1935.    Beautiful condition and hardly any wear on the surfaces.  Soft colours and very delicate looking.  There are 4 luncheon size plates and a cream and sugar.

A little before mid century, but I do like these pretty dishes and couldn’t resist them.

Please note these dishes are now SOLD!


Reynard Print – Love’s Echo

25 Jan

Henri G. Reynard print

This  art deco print is by Henri G. Reynard and the printing company is “© John Drescher Co. Inc., NY.” ca. 1920’s or 30’s.

Henri G. Reynard was a pseudonym for R. Atkinson Fox.

It measures approximately 12 ” tall and 20 ” wide.

This was the very first picture I picked up at a thrift store  around 25 or 30 years ago.  I bought it for $2 and it is still in my home.  The frame is beautifully carved wood with gilt highlights.

Vintage Biltmore Hat Box

20 Jan




This is by far the most interesting hat box that I have owned.  It is in a bit of rough shape with damage to the top and pretty dusty and dirty as well but it still displays beautifully.   Biltmore Hat Co. started out as The Fried Hat Company and was sold in 1920 to 3 men in Guelph who renamed the business the Biltmore Hat Co. after the famous Biltmore Hotel in New York.  They felt the name would evoke the style and elegance they wanted to associate with their hats.  It continues to be a thriving business today, although it went through many ups and downs financially.   I don’t know the date of this particular hat box but I think it would have been one of the earlier ones.

Note: This is now SOLD

1925’s Calendar Card

31 Oct

1925 Calendar Card

1925 Calendar Card

Another nice find at a recent auction as part of a lot.  This is about 8″ long and is in very brittle condition but still intact.  I think I will put it in a frame behind glass to protect it from further deterioration.  It will be for sale at my booth eventually.

James Bacon & Sons Etched Silk Portraits

31 Oct

Silk Portrait

Silk Portrait

A liberated woman!

I picked up these two etched silk portraits at an auction last week.  Couldn’t believe no one else was interested in them.  I think I scored! They will look great once I remat and frame them.

James Bacon and Sons operated as photographers in England at several different locations; Liverpool, Leeds, Edinburg and Newcastle on Tyne spanning over 70 years.  These particular etchings appear to be from the 1920’s from the style of hair and clothing.

Please note that these  pictures are now SOLD!!!