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1950’s Mid Century Floor Lamp with 3 Tier Atomic Fiberglass Shade

11 May

fifties lamp


My photos don’t do this lovely lamp justice. The shade is in great condition and is made of fiberglass and patterned all over with tiny gold stars which pick up and reflect the light.  The shade sits on a milk glass light fixture.  The lamp base is quite heavy and could be made of Spelter, a zinc alloy which resembles bronze. It should be rewired as the plug is old and has black tape over it.   We will probably do that before putting it out at my booth for sale.

This lamp will be available at the Ottawa Antique Show at Carleton University Fieldhouse, Oct 25th and 26th 2014 where I will have a booth.

Priced at $ 125.00

Mid Century Asian Themed TV Lamp

25 Jan

TV lamp 2

Asian themed TV lamp ca. 1950’s.  Made in Japan.  Love the chartreuse and green glazes. This one is a fixer upper as it has no light or plug.  An easy fix though.  Found it sitting on a shelf at the thrift store just waiting for me. It measures about 12″ wide.  The lamp will be for sale at my booth at the Almonte Antique Market in Almonte Ontario once it is fitted with a light.

Vintage Light Fixture Shade, Frosted Glass

11 Jan


I quite like these old glass light shades.  This one is about 6″ tall and is made of very thick and heavy glass,  and painted  with a soft frosted amber colour.  It is in excellent condition and I think very charming and simple.  Probably suitable for a hallway more than a bedroom.  I would date this to around the 40’s or earlier.   Found it at my local thrift store (my favourite hangout during the day).

Note: This has been SOLD!!