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Vintage 1970’s and 80’s Yellow Rotary Dial Phones

30 Aug


Two great examples of vintage phones in a striking deep butter yellow colour.  These date to around the 1970’s and 80’s and are made by Northern Telecom.  PLEASE NOTE: The wall phone has been sold.

The desk phone has a small round hole on the lower right front and I believe this would have been for a light that would flash red when the phone was ringing.  Most likely this was used in an office setting. The light, however,  is missing.  The phone is in good working condition, showing only slight signs of wear to the surface.

Priced at $55 and it is currently available at the Almonte  Antique Market, 26 Mill Street, Almonte ON.

Please Note: Both phones are now SOLD!!


Vintage Yellow Chrome Kitchen Step Stool by Cesare Chrome Furniture

28 May


Just finished reupholstering another vintage chrome step stool, this time using bright yellow marine vinyl. The chrome seems to be in pretty good condition although there is a bit of wear on the legs which doesn’t  detract from the overall look.   The rubber treads on the steps are in good original condition.   We saved the original paper labelling on the bottom of the stool seat and stapled it on after we finished recovering it.  It says that it was made by Cesare Chrome Furniture Mfg, a Division of Restorite Bedding Co. Ltd. in Weston, ON.  I did a little research and found out that the company closed shop in 1987.

This will be going up to my booth at the Almonte Antique Market very shortly.  Address is 26 Mill Street, Almonte ON.  Open 7 days a week, year round, with over 50 vendors in a 2 storey building. Check out my booth on the 2nd floor near the back windows.

Priced at $60

Please note this item is now SOLD!!!

Royal Albert Greenwood Tree Pattern Dishes

27 Feb


IMG_7034 IMG_7036






Dishes are from Royal Albert Crown China made in England in the Greenwood Tree pattern. The back stamp on these dishes dates them from 1927 to 1935.    Beautiful condition and hardly any wear on the surfaces.  Soft colours and very delicate looking.  There are 4 luncheon size plates and a cream and sugar.

A little before mid century, but I do like these pretty dishes and couldn’t resist them.

Please note these dishes are now SOLD!


Vera Neumann Salad Days Dishes, Island Worcester

12 Jan



Another great pattern by Vera Neumann called ‘Salad Days’, designed for Island Worcester in Jamaica in the early 60’s.  These patterns were not produced for a long period of time, just a matter of a couple of years, so they are rare to find these days in good condition.

Please note these items are now SOLD!!


Portable Sears Solid State 8 Track Tape Player

9 Dec




I don’t have any 8 tracks to try out in this vintage player but it is in very nice overall condition and the red colour is quite eye catching.  8 track tapes came out in the 1960’s through to the early 80’s at which time they were phased out for cassette tapes.

A nice piece just to have as a memento of times gone by.

For sale at my booth in Almonte, ON, at the Almonte Antique Market, 26 Mill Street.

Priced at $25

Please note this item is now SOLD!!



Apple Blossom Twigs Carnival Glass Bowl, Peach Opalescent

3 Jun




This carnival glass  bowl measures approx. 8″ across and the pattern is called Apple Blossom Twigs in the colour peach opalescent.  Made by the US company Dugan in 1912.  Dugan only manufactured pieces between 1904 and 1913.

There is a slight chip on one of the points on the crenellated edge.

For sale at my booth currently at the Almonte Antiques Market, 26 Mill St., Almonte, ON. Price is $35.00.

Please note this item is now SOLD!!!



Holt Howard Japan, 1950’s Ceramics

29 May









The above are all examples of Holt Howard’s kitschy designs ca. 1950’s.  Holt-Howard was created in 1948 by John and Robert Howard and A. Grant Holt.  They made cutesy items for the kitchen and giftware.  They are probably best known for their pixie ware which commands high prices in the collectibles market.

The 1954 ashtray in the shape of a man in a striped shirt allows the smoke to escape through the mouth.  The cat ashtray sports a push down handle which empties the ashes  into the head.  The Rooster jam and jelly jar is one of many dishes that were embellished with roosters by Holt Howard Co.   They ceased all production in 1990.

These items will be for sale at my booth at the Almonte Antique Market in Almonte Ontario.


Please note the cat ashtray is SOLD!!