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Yellow 1950’s Cracked Ice Formica Table and Chairs

25 Nov











This wonderful little yellow cracked ice formica table was found at an estate sale and needed only a good cleaning to remove a stain on the top and spruce up the chrome legs.  Otherwise it was in fabulous condition and the mechanism to open the drop leaves worked great.  Note the nice detail of  curved legs on the table. The chairs were purchased separately from a house clear out sale and were originally upholstered in an awful green colour.  We spruced them up by recovering them with yellow marine vinyl,  new chrome tacks and black plastic feet.   We proudly displayed the set in our booth at noon on Tuesday and by 3 pm the set was sold.   I was actually a bit sad to see it go out the door as it looked so cheery in the booth and would have been a great conversation piece.   On the other hand, we love to turn around a piece so quickly.


1950’s Chrome Chair Restoration Project

15 Oct
Chrome chair after

What a difference!


Chrome chair

A challenge

A friend brought over her set of  red vinyl and chrome chairs that she had purchased at an antique store.  She got them for a good price because they needed restoring.   We started with cutting out new wood pieces for the seats and backs as the old ones were mildewed.  All the chrome was cleaned using a lot of elbow grease and some good chrome cleaning products along with very fine steel wool.  Using the old vinyl as a template, we fashioned new covers for the seats and backs with tomato red marine vinyl and trimmed the chair back opening with white vinyl.   The stuffing was replaced with new upholstery felt. The old cracked plastic feet were replaced with new white plastic ones to complete the look.   We were all really pleased with the results. Pictured are the before and after shots.


1950’s Red Cracked Ice Dining Set

6 Oct

red cracked ice tableDates from the fifties. Chairs were reupholstered in red marine vinyl.  The table is in excellent as found condition, just needed a little TLC to bring up the shine.

Please note: This item is now SOLD!!

Mid Century Gray Cracked Ice Table and Chairs

30 Sep

Although the chairs aren’t a match to the table, they are a nice complement to the mid century theme.  The chairs are in the original turquoise and cream vinyl uphostery.  I like the nice detailing on the seat backs with the contrasting square in the middle.  The table has extensions on either end that are spring loaded and add another 16″ to the length.  All the table needed was a little work to get it looking clean and polished but the chairs were absolutely filthy and we used Bon Ami to clean the vinyl which worked amazingly well.

NOTE: These items are now SOLD!

Retro Vintage Formica Table and Chairs

30 Sep

We found this great 1950’s formica and chrome  set at an estate sale.  I really liked the atomic look of the table top.  The original vinyl on the chairs was a green and blue floral pattern which was in poor condition.  The table had some wear to the surface but we used a product that brought out the shine and cleaned the surface.  We recovered the chairs in turquoise marine vinyl to match the table top.   To bring out the shine on the chrome legs we used fine steel wool and  it took off most of the dirt and rust as well.  We just loved the way this set turned out and it didn’t last long in the booth.  Someone bought it that same week.  A lot of elbow grease went into this but it was worth it.