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Anchor Hocking Old Cafe Depression Glass Relish Tray 1930’s

28 Oct


This is a lovely Lazy Susan Relish tray made by Anchor Hocking in the depression era, ca 1930’s.   The glass tray rests on a swivelling glass base which works very smoothly.  Pictured are 5 relish inserts in Ruby Red and also 5 inserts in Forest Green.  Both colours will be inluded with the purchase of this dish so you can switch up the colours.   Perfect  for Christmas. The center dish can also be used as a covered candy dish on its own.



Stunning is either colour as well as functional.  The base turntable piece is very rare to find as it often got separated from the set and misplaced over the years.

The pattern is called Old Cafe. I have only seen this set with the red and green inserts.

This beautiful serving ensemble will be available for sale in my booth at the Ottawa Antique and Vintage Market being held at the Carleton University Fieldhouse located on Bronson Avenue in Ottawa Ontario on Nov. 4th and 5th, 2017.  Please check out their facebook site @ And their website page:

The set is priced at $95.00.

Clear Glass Dishes with Green Coloured Rings, Depression Glass

13 Feb



I don’t know the name or manufacturer of these clear glass dishes.  I am thinking they may be by Hocking or Anchor Hocking and date to the 30’s.  They do look like Hocking’s Banded Ring a bit but there are no other designs on the glass other that the rings of colour. I am continuing my research and will update if I find out the proper name for them.  If anyone can identify the pattern and maker, please drop me a line.

There are 6 sherbets with underplates and 6 lunch sized plates.

Regardless, they are quite lovely and dainty and will look nice on your table this coming spring.  All are in excellent condition.

For sale shortly at my booth at the Almonte Antique Market, 26 Mill Street, Almonte ON.

Priced at $45 for the set.


Emerald Glo by Paden City, Mid Century Glassware

25 Apr

IMG_4931 IMG_4938



Emerald Glo was made by Paden City Glass Company for Rubel in the 1940’s and 50’s.  The pattern was also made by Fenton in the later years of production but Fenton did not have the ‘star cut’ on it’s glass pieces.  All pieces with the ‘star cut’ on the glass were made by Paden City.  The pieces above all have the star cut on the glass.   All lids have green Bakelite handles.

The trio is a condiment set, the lidded bowl is a Marmalade dish, and the 2 on the tray are cream and sugar.

Please note these items are now SOLD!!!

Blue Depression Glass Serving Bowl

18 Mar

blue bowl


I don’t know who made this bowl but it is stunning.  The soft pale blue colour almost shimmers in the light.  It is made of thick glass and is quite heavy but appears light because of the colour.

For sale at my booth in Almonte ON, at the Almonte Antique Market for $45.00.

Please note: This item is now SOLD!!

Saguenay by Dominion Glass, Fired on Blue Depression Glass, ca. 1930’s

18 Mar

dominion saguenay


This pattern is called Saguenay and was made by Dominion Glass Co. of  Canada, based in Montreal QC, with factories in Nova Scotia, and Ontario (Wallaceburg) .  This was Canada’s answer to the coloured depression glass that was being made in the US during the 30’s.  The beautiful blue colour is fired on the outside over clear glass.  Hard to tell from my photo, but the pattern has fine ridges all around the pieces.  There are only two verifiable patterns of Canadian depression glass.  This one and one called Swirl, also made by Dominion Glass, which was only made in clear glass.  Saguenay came in yellow, pink, mint green, blue and clear.

For sale at my booth in Almonte ON at the Almonte Antique Market.

Priced separately: sherbet @ $5, underplates @ $5, cream soups  @$10

NOTE:  All  above dishes are now SOLD!!!

Delft Blue Shakers, KLM Bols Liquor Bottle, Cobalt Glass

21 Jan

delft shakers

Recent finds at an auction house.  There are 3 sets of Delft Blue Shakers at the back left  and two Delft Blue mini liquor bottles at the back right in the photo, made by Bols Distilleries for KLM Airlines, Holland,  for their business class passengers.  One is sealed and one is not.  They are very collectible today.  The small shakers in the middle are by Rosenthal in Germany.  In front are two tiny cobalt blue covered dishes with a duck and a bull for lids.  The darker cobalt blue glass on the right is an eye wash cup.

Please note all the above items are now SOLD!!

Pink Depression Glass

13 Dec


cookie jarbowl














In the above photos one item is a reproduction.  Can you spot it?  It is the pitcher.  This pitcher was never made by Hazel Atlas in this colour and you can tell when they are grouped together that the pink is more orangy than the other  pink pieces which are genuine.  Most likely the pitcher was made in the 1990’s by an offshore company trying to cash in on the collectibility of depression glassware.   The  10″ berry bowl is by Hazel Atlas and the pattern is Royal Lace ca. 1930’s.  The sandwich plate is Cherry Blossom by Jeannette Glass Co. ca. 1930’s.  The cookie jar is by Federal Glass Co. ca 1930’s and the pattern is Mayfair Open Rose.  The pattern on the repro pitcher is called Florentine 2.

I found the sandwich plate and the berry bowl yesterday while out and about.  Both were in perfect condition with no chips or wear around the edges.


Art Deco Teal Glass Boudoir Lamps

4 Dec

boudoir lamps

Found these at a recent estate sale and couldn’t resist.  These boudoir lamps are ca. 1930’s from the art deco period and are sometimes called ‘bullet lamps’.  I have also seen them described as skyscraper lamps and torpedo lamps.   They will be for sale at my booth at the Almonte Antique Market as soon as I can part with them.


Jeannette Glass Co. Iris & Herringbone Vase

3 Dec


Manufactured by Jeannette Glass Co. during the depression, this is a lovely example of the Iris & Herringbone pattern on a 9″ high  milk glass vase, flashed in a jade colour on the outside.  This was rescued from a dump in an area where there are a lot of cottagers.  Fortunately a good friend of mine who lived in the area spotted it and knew that I would appreciate having it.  They are typically found in iridescent, clear or white milk glass and sometimes found in amberina as well.  Pink ones are rare but do exist.

Shirley Temple Cobalt Blue Jug and Eyewash Cup

27 Nov



Another estate find.  Shirley Temple cobalt blue creamer dates to the late 30’s .  The cobalt glass eyewash cup is probaby from the same era.  Most baby boomers and their parents would remember Shirley Temple’s movies from that era.