Red Enamel Ware Tea Kettle, Made in Poland

27 Dec


Nice clean condition.  No big nicks or scratches. Vibrant reddish orange enamel ware tea kettle made in Poland.  Enamelware is very versatile. It can be heated in the oven or on the stove top or over an open fire and can be cleaned in the dishwasher without a problem.  These pieces are meant to hold both hot and cold liquids.  Polish enamelware is among the best of the bunch, especially if made before the 1950’s.  You can usually tell if you have an early piece by the weight.  The later ones are thinner and more tinny sounding when tapped.  There is usually a backstamp indicating Poland as the manufacturer.

To see this item and other fab finds, please visit the Almonte Antique Market, 26 Mill Street, Almonte ON. Just 30 minutes west of the city of Ottawa.  Open 7 days a week, all year long, 10am to 5pm.  Over 50 dealers in a 2 storey heritage building in downtown Almonte.

This tea kettle will be priced at $22.00

Please note this item is now SOLD!!!


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