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Russian Hand Painted Lacquered Metal Tray

23 Sep

russian tray with knife russian tray signature This tray is stunning.  The floral pattern is beautifully painted with rich colours and gives me such pleasure to look at it.  It is made in Russia and could be by an artist from the village of Zhostovo which is world famous for its artists who create these beautiful lacquered hand painted trays. There are a couple of circular marks on it but they aren’t that visible unless you hold the tray up to a light source.  There doesn’t appear to be any serious scratches or other damage. I can’t make out the artist’s name but it looks like it starts with a K. Perhaps someone will be kind enough to inform me if they know it. Priced at $45.

Item will be available at my booth at the Almonte Antique Market, 26 Mill Street, Almonte ON.  Please note, I do not ship items.

This item is now SOLD!!

Pyrex Teal Green Space Saver with Gold Sheaves of Wheat Pattern

23 Sep

pyrex turquoise

This is another Promotional item from Pyrex,  with a pattern of gold coloured wheat sheaves.   I checked on Pyrex Love and they have not been able to identify the pattern name yet either.  It is the 2 quart rectangular Space Saver size with clear lid.  It sits in a gold tone metal cradle/stand with wood handles. This dates to approx. 1960.

The dish is in excellent unused condition.

Priced at $60 due to its rarity and good condition.  Comparables were found on ebay for pricing.

Please note I do not ship items.  This will be availabe in my booth at the Ottawa Antique Show at the Carleton Univeristy Fieldhouse on Oct 25th and 26th. 2014.

Pyrex Midnight Bloom Cinderella Oval Casserole on Stand

23 Sep

Pyrex midnight blue

pyrex midnight blue lid

This is a 1.5 quart sized oval casserole dish made by Pyrex, and is probably a promotional piece.  I have never seen this one before except on Pyrex Love which is my go-to source for identifying pyrex patterns.  The lid is black with a dark blue Jacobean styled floral pattern on it.  The bottom piece is the same dark blue.  It is shown here with a cradle/stand made of gold tone metal with wood handles.

It is in very good overall condition with no scratches or damage from usage evident.

This dish is priced at $45.00.

Please note this will be availabe at the Ottawa Antique Show at the Carleton University Field House in Ottawa ON on Oct 25th and 26th.  I do not ship items. Thank you.

Please note this beauty is now SOLD!!!!


Dansk, McCoy Yellow Flower Pots ca. 1950’s to 60’s

23 Sep

dansk pots, mccoy pot


The pair of yellow flower pots with separate saucers are made by Dansk. The  small one in front in the top photo is made by McCoy in the Basketweave pattern, and the larger swirled patterned one is unmarked.   All are in great condition and look quite cheery all together.

Small McCoy pot is approx. 4″ and is priced at $10.

Pair of Dansk pots are priced at $25 for the pair.

Yellow swirled pot is priced at $15.

These will be available for sale at the Carleton Fieldhouse Antique Show, Ottawa ON, where I will have a booth set up. Show dates are Oct. 25th and 26th, 2014.

Please note the McCoy and yellow swirled pots are now SOLD!!

Elle Pottery Norway, Mid 20th Century Large Serving Plate

23 Sep

norway plate

Found at a recent estate sale, this is a beautiful example of Elle Pottery made in Norway. The piece is signed on the back.  Elle Studio produced pottery between 1942 and 1967 in Torkildstranda in Drobak near Oslo. Elle was lead by Tor Samuelssen.  This pottery is now very collectible and  prices are reflecting this interest.

The plate measures over 12 1/2″ and is in very good condition. If you are interested in Mid 20th Century kitchen ware etc., I will be set up at the Carleton Fieldhouse Antique Show on Oct 25th and 26th 2014 in Ottawa, ON where this plate will be for sale.

Priced at $55.00.