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Vintage 1970’s and 80’s Yellow Rotary Dial Phones

30 Aug


Two great examples of vintage phones in a striking deep butter yellow colour.  These date to around the 1970’s and 80’s and are made by Northern Telecom.  PLEASE NOTE: The wall phone has been sold.

The desk phone has a small round hole on the lower right front and I believe this would have been for a light that would flash red when the phone was ringing.  Most likely this was used in an office setting. The light, however,  is missing.  The phone is in good working condition, showing only slight signs of wear to the surface.

Priced at $55 and it is currently available at the Almonte  Antique Market, 26 Mill Street, Almonte ON.

Please Note: Both phones are now SOLD!!

Mid 20th Century Collins Style Canvas Kit Purse with Faux Jewels

30 Aug




Authentic Enid Collins purses either have her initials on them somewhere, either ‘ec’ or ‘c’ or her full signature. Some were dated and some had the name of the decorating theme on them as well.  The ones with full signatures and the ec or c initials date to before the 1970’s. In 1970, the Tandy Leather Corp. purchased Collins of Texas and continued to produce Collins-type handbags.  After 1970 the bags are marked with a ‘C’ or ‘Collins of Texas’.

In the late 60’s, Collins manufactured do-it-yourself kits called Sophistikit.  These bags are not quite as authentic as the original Enid Collins bags with the signature, but, if you like the style, that won’t be a huge issue.  I believe this would have been one of those bags that started life as a kit. The bottom of the purse is wood.

Enid Collins began the company in Texax in 1959 where she procuded wooden box and canvas bucket styles of purses.  Most had brass fasteners and findings, mirrors, paint, faux jewels, rhinestones, sequins and more.  The handles and trims were made of leather and the designs on the purses were always glitzy with lots of bling.

Collectors usually prefer the original ones made before Tandy Leather took over the company.

Also, the purses made from kits are not as desirable as the originals and the price would reflect that. The ones made from kits do not have a designer signature on them.

priced at $45 and will be available in my booth at the A lmonte Antique Market, 26 MIll Street, Almonte ON.

Please note this item is now SOLD!!



Lily Bet Mid 20th Century Box Style Purse

29 Aug




Purse has original label inside which says ‘designed by Lily-Bet, Filbert Imports of the Palm Beaches’. Probably from the mid 20th century as these styles of purses were quite fashionable at that time.

The interior is nicely done in a paisley material and the lid has an oval mirror on the inside surrounded by gold coloured braid.  The handle is made of amber coloured lucite and brass coloured fittings.  The exterior is covered in a light gray vinyl, decorated with embroidered roses and butterflies which appear to be glued to the surface and then touches of gold painted leaves surround the flowers.   Overall the purse is in nice clean condition.

The purse is about 8″ in length and 4″ in depth and almost 5″ high.

Please note this item is no longer available. Thank you.