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Dorchester Melmac Dishes in Orange and Floral Pattern 1960’s

7 Jul

Dorchester melmac

This partial dish set was manufactured by Dorchester Dinnerware who bought their plastic mold powders from American Cyanamid Co. Only companies that used Cyanamid plastic could name their wares Melmac. By the fifties there were over a hundred companies throughout the states (and a few in Canada) that bought from Cyanamid.  I don’t know the actual date of the dishes, but the colours suggest the sixties rather than the fifties.  The plates have been used but still have lots of life in them.  The cups and bowls are in really nice clean condition.

Priced at  $45 for the set.

These will be availabe at my booth at the Almonte Antique Market, 26 MIll Street, Almonte Ont.

Please note these dishes are now SOLD!!!

Fire King Bowl, Black and Gold Greek Key Pattern, on Warmer

7 Jul


A really nice find!!  In very nice condition, with little wear to the surfaces.  The bowl is by Fire King and it has a gold and black greek key pattern along the top edge. It sits in a candle warmer stand and has a brass coloured metal lid.  This dates to the 1950’s or early 60’s.  There were several artists that designed these patterns for Fire King; Fred Press and Georges Briard  were two that I know of.  This particular bowl is not signed so I can’t attribute it to one of the aforementioned artists.

Please note I do not ship items. This will be availabe in my booth at the Ottawa Antique Show at the Carleton Univertisty Fieldhouse on Oct 25th and 26th 2014.

Priced at $45.00

Q Squared Melamine Set of Coloured Mixing Bowls

7 Jul


coloured bowls 3

These are very recent in age.  Manufactured sometime after 2011 by the company Q Squared which operates out of New York, NY.  Q Squared has a design team in Italy and their own manufacturing facilities in China.  Their showroom is at 41 Madison on the 19th floor.  According to their CEO, it (the company) has masterfully reinvented melamine, creating plates and bowls to take on a look that is hip and fashionable yet practical and even luxurious. “Finally, irresistible melamine is here!” she remarked.

These are indeed very well made, heavy and substantial feeling.  Nice quality and extremely useful set of 6 melamine bowls in a rainbow of colours.  They look beautiful displayed anywhere.

This melamine is not suitable for the mircrowave.

These are currently at my booth in the Almonte Antique Market  (These are not old enough to be considered even a collectible at this point but they were too colourful and useful to pass up).

Priced at $25 for the set

Please Note: Not surprisingly, this set is now SOLD!!