Thomas, Germany, Blue Striped Porcelain Dishes

14 Jun

Thomas germany dishes

Manufactured by Thomas of Germany, an independant subsidiary of Rosenthal A. G.  These porcelain dishes were produced sometime between 1959 and 1977.  The company is still in production today and is well known for its quality dinnerware.

The following information was found on the web site

Historical development

“Porzellanfabrik Thomas & Ens” was founded in 1904 by Fritz Thomas, in Marktredwitz, Upper Franconia. Only five years later, the porcelain factory, by then called “F. Thomas, Marktredwitz”, was acquired by Rosenthal. In 1960, porcelain production ceased at the Marktredwitz Thomas factory for space reasons. The new factory, “Thomas am Kulm”, in Speichersdorf, Upper Franconia, came on stream. Italian architect Marcello Morandini added geometrical patterns to the facade of this low building in 1984.

Today, the Thomas range is produced at the Thomas am Kulm site in Speichersdorf as well as at the Rosenthal am Rothbühl site in Selb.

Since the fifties, Thomas has been consistently developed as a brand for young, design-oriented and uncomplicated tableware. In 1965 the “ABC” glass and service collection was created by Hans Theo Baumann, winning several prizes. Scandinavian design, in particular, shaped the Thomas range up until the eighties. The “Scandic” design, by Hertha Bengtson, won the Faenza Gold Medal, for instance. At the end of the eighties, Thomas then pursued new design directions, particularly those emanating from London. The first “Cook Shops” replaced the elegantly laid table. At that time, the “Trend” service from design duo Queensberry/Hunt became one of the major sellers. Thomas was very quick to take up the “from oven to table” concept that is widespread today; all tableware being flame-retardant, heat-resistant, dishwasher-proof and microwave-proof. Since the nineties, Thomas has been all about new, functional, simple design. The 1997 “Vario” range, by Yellow Design, stood for innovative design and a modern, lifestyle-based marketing concept. Today, with ranges such as “Coup”, developed by renowned Munich designer Konstantin Grcic, Thomas is highly regarded as an innovative design-conscious brand.

These are on display at my booth at the Almonte Antique Market at 26 Mill Street, Almonte ON.

Priced at $45 for all the pieces.

1 Cake Plate

6 Lunch plates

3 can shaped cups

Please note these dishes are now SOLD!!

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  1. james booty November 17, 2015 at 2:52 pm #

    Can you contact me please? I would like to purchase the items.

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