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1960’s Children’s Metal Waste Baskets with Embossed Designs

11 May




These two waste baskets are adorable with their iconic mid century children’s designs.  I believe someone sprayed the interiors with red paint as they were originally brass coloured inside.  Probably had some wear to them and wanted to freshen them up.  The surfaces are in quite good condition with some very minor scratches and would still be nice to display or use in a child’s room.\

There is the remnant of a sticker with the date 1962 on one of them.

These will be for sale at my booth at the Almonte Antique Market, 26 Mill Street, Almonte ON.

Priced at $ 15 each.

Please note:  These are both now SOLD!!!


Antique Princess Mary 1914 Brass Cigarette Tin with Cigarettes & Tobacco

11 May

queen mary cigarette boxqueen mary cig box with cigs









I have already sold this item on ebay, but I wanted to showcase it here as it was a really unique and wonderful item and had survived 100 years in remarkable condition.

Antique Brass Cigarette/Tobacco Tin, given to the troops by Princess Mary as a gift for Christmas during World War I in 1914.   Tin measures 5″ long x 3 1/2″ wide x 1 1/8″ high.
If the soldier didn’t smoke, the same tins containing chocolate or candy or other small items were given instead of tobacco.

Embossed with the following on the lid: Princess Mary’s silhouette surrounded by Laurel Leaves and the letters M on either side; Christmas 1914, Imperium Britannicum, Russia, France, Belgium, Japan, Servia, and Monte Negro.

The tin contained the original packs of Tobacco, Cigarettes and the presentation card from Her Royal Highness Princess Mary wishing Best Wishes for a Happy Christmas and Victorious New Year, Christmas Fund 1914. The cigarette pack was opened with 19 cigarettes remaining in the pack.  Each cigarette has a Princess Mary logo on the paper.  The package of tobacco was unopened.

Recently on TV, on a documentary about the Coast of Scotland, my ears perked up when I heard the commentator mention  a brass cigarette tin from Princess Mary that survived a shipwreck off the coast of Scotland at the end of the first world war.  The tin was identical to the one in the above photo and it was all the woman had to remember her husband by after the shipwreck.  His body was never recovered.

The following is from Wikipedia:

The Iolaire was carrying sailors who had fought in the First World War back to the Scottish island of Lewis. She left the port of Kyle of Lochalsh on the mainland late on the evening of the 31 December 1918. But, at 2:30am on New Year’s Day, as the ship approached the port of Stornoway, a few yards offshore and a mile away from the safety of Stornoway Harbour, she hit the infamous rocks “The Beasts of Holm”, and eventually sank. The final death toll was officially put at 205, of whom 181 were islanders, but as the ship was badly overcrowded and there was a lack of proper records the death toll could have been slightly higher. John F. Macleod from Ness, Isle of Lewis, saved 40 lives, swimming ashore with a heaving line, along which many of the survivors made their way to safety. Only 75 of the 280 (officially known) passengers survived the disaster, 73% perished in the incident.


Park Sherman Revolving Liquor Dispenser Caddy

11 May


Mid Century liquor dispenser caddy with 6 shot glasses.  The pump works fine, has a swirled red and white bakelite push knob on the dispenser.  The chrome tray which holds the glasses sits over the neck of the decanter and rotates.  This originally sat on a chrome undertray with 3 glass inserts for party snacks.

I have seen this item attributed to the Park Sherman Co. of Springfield Illinois US, ca 1940’s and 50’s.   The company made several different styles of decanters and pump action dispensers.

Park Sherman was an important Springfield company for several decades ending with the sale of the company to a New Jersey firm in 1960. Sherman operated from the 1930’s through to the 60’s.  Best known for their mass-produced smoking accessories, particularly lighters, as well as a multitude of office, novelty, and other items.

This item will be for sale in my booth at the Ottawa Antique Show at the Carleton University Fieldhouse Ottawa ON on Oct 25th and 26th 2014.

Priced at $45

Please note this item is now SOLD!!!

Vintage Designer Dresses, R.E.O. & Feminette Models Ltd.

1 May


long floral dress green ruffle dress




polka dot dress 2

This is a preview of what I will have available for sale at the Annual Almonte Vintage Clothing Sale in September this year.  There will be about 20 vendors of clothing and accessories for a two day show. We will have clothing and fashion accessories like jewelery, vintage silk scarves, hats, shoes, belts, ties, furs, buttons, gloves, purses and anything else you could possibly want in vintage fashion.  Check back on this site towards the end of August and I will post the details of the date and time and place.

The black Polka Dot dress is a R.E.O. Originals probably ca. 1970’s but it looks like something right out of the 50’s.  Extremely well made and very detailed. Nice full pleated skirt.  My photo doesn’t do it justice.

The long multi coloured (mostly pinks) floral gown is a 1960’s number from Feminette Models Ltd.  The material has a bit of stretch and is slightly textured.  This designer piece is from London, England.

The jazzy green dress with the layered ruffles is a soft light weight cotton and is lined with cotton as well.  Made by Sabby Jones Clothing. It is hard to date this piece and I couldn’t find out anything about the designer.  I am not sure about the date of this one but the styling indicates the 70’s or 80’s to me.

The cute pink lace dress is surely from the 50’s or early 60’s. The designer is Monique of New York.  The close up of the dress shows the nice lace details.  It is in great condition for its age.

Prices are to be determined, but most of my vintage dresses will range from $ 35 to $75.

I will also have available some 1950’s dresses and skirts, sewn recently using original 1950’s patterns When possible I have used vintage materials that I have collected over the years.  I will post some photos of these outfits when they are completed.

Please note all these dresses are now SOLD except for the polka dot one.