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Lefton Pixieware Cocktail Olives and Marmalade Jars with Spoons, ca 1950’s

25 Apr

IMG_4880 IMG_4886

Back in the fifties, Holt Howard Co. manufactured Pixieware items and was hugely succesful with the line of products.  Lefton and other companies jumped on the band wagon with their own versions of pixie ware items for the kitchen.  The above two pieces were made by Lefton.  The lids have attached spoons for serving the condiments.

Will be for sale on ebay soon.

Please note: This item is now SOLD!!

Emerald Glo by Paden City, Mid Century Glassware

25 Apr

IMG_4931 IMG_4938



Emerald Glo was made by Paden City Glass Company for Rubel in the 1940’s and 50’s.  The pattern was also made by Fenton in the later years of production but Fenton did not have the ‘star cut’ on it’s glass pieces.  All pieces with the ‘star cut’ on the glass were made by Paden City.  The pieces above all have the star cut on the glass.   All lids have green Bakelite handles.

The trio is a condiment set, the lidded bowl is a Marmalade dish, and the 2 on the tray are cream and sugar.

Please note these items are now SOLD!!!

Bopla Original & Magic Plates, Switzerland

24 Apr


Backstamp says ‘Bopla Original’  manufactured in Switzerland.  Dinner plate $30.00, in excellent condition.



Backstamp says Bopla! Magic, Switzerland.  Dinner plate $30.00, in excellent condition.

Both plates will be available at my booth at the Almonte Antique Market in Almonte ON, just west of Ottawa ON.

The follwing information was copied fromt the Bopla! Porcelain site:

Bopla! originated ten years ago in Langenthal, in a small town in the middle of forested Switzerland. A porcelain company was established here in 1906, the products of which are still being sold around the world under the Suisse Langenthal brand….today with greater success then ever before. It is this porcelain, of the highest quality, that designers from the famous Langenthal design school have decorated and launched the famous era of Bopla! porcelain. Are you wondering what this name means? Then we can tell you that we were inspired by the French “beau plat”, loosely translated as “beautiful plate“.

At first glance Bopla! porcelain can seem delicate, but do not be afraid. You can put cups and plates in the microwave and the dishwasher with a clear conscience. Thanks to their reinforced structure they will last much longer than cheaper Asian copies. Broken ears and cracked edges will be a thing of the past. And what it more – the porcelain is decorated using a special technique, so that the colours will remain as vivid as ever.

Please note the one with the bird is now SOLD!!

Currier & Ives Set of Dishes, Blue and White Pattern

24 Apr

currier & Ives  currier & Ives 2

Currier & Ives Dinnerware was produced by the Royal China Company of Sebring Ohio, US.  The backstamps indicate the pattern as ‘Early Winter’ on the rim soup bowls and the dinner plates say ‘The Old Grist Mill’.  Each piece has a different scene and a different pattern name.  Pieces were given away at the A & P with purchases of groceries and the completer pieces could be purchased separately. It was produced from 1950 to about 1970 when Jeannette Glass bought the company and discontinued the pattern. It was brought back in the mid 70’s and contiuned production until 1986.  This backstamp indicates to me that it is an earlier set, so anywhere from the 50’s to early 70’s.

This is a complete set of  8 place settings consisting of dinner plate, side plate, soup bowl, dessert bowl, cup and saucer.

The set is for sale for $175.00.  It is in immaculate condition,  with no utensil marks that I can see, and no chips or other problems.  I doubt if it was ever used much.



Please Note: This set is  now SOLD!!!

Mid Century Formica & Chrome Table, Green Marblelized top

24 Apr



1950’s kitchen table with chrome legs and marblelized formica top. This one is a keeper. We decided we liked this table better than the one we had in the kitchen and it fits in with our decor.

We cleaned it up a bit but otherwise it was  in great condition.  The previous owners had it since they were kids in the fifties.   Great find!  Now all I need are some chrome chairs to go with it.



We found some retro chrome chairs and reupholstered them in champagne coloured textured vinyl.  They really look fab!

Holmegaard ‘Carnaby’ Cased Glass Vases 1960’s, Denmark

13 Apr


Designer Christer Holgren in the 1960’s.   Both with original labels although one is slightly rubbed out and hard to read.  Made in Denmark for Kastrup  Holmegaard. One is slightly taller than the other one and a bit darker red in colour.  The vases are for sale at my booth in Almonte ON,  at the Almonte Antique Market, at $75.00 each.

Please note these vases are now SOLD!!

Mother Of Pearl 2 Strand Beaded Necklace with Detachable Cameo Clasp

13 Apr











This is a really beautiful necklace. It has two strands of Mother of Pearl beads with a lovely Cameo clasp. The clasp detaches to use as a brooch.  It’s quite heavy and feels lovely to the touch.  I haven’t been able to pin down the date for this necklace but I feel it is mid century going by the style.

This necklace is for sale for $75.00 Canadian.

Please note this necklace is now SOLD!!!

Richelieu 3 Strand Balls of Fire Beaded Necklace, 1950’s

13 Apr


Three strand graduated beaded necklace. The beads are called ‘Balls of Fire’, manufactured by Richelieu in the 1950’s. The beads are some kind of synthetic material, not glass, but they have a wonderful glow to them. Hand knotted between each bead.  The clasp has a cabochon style bead affixed to the metal backing. The shortest strand measures 15 1/2″ long and the longest one is 18″ long.  The beads have shades of pink, green and lavender and look iridescent.  The back of the clasp has some tarnishing of the metal.

This necklace is for sale for $20.00 Canadian.





Kenneth Jay Lane Heavy Gold Tone Necklace 1980’s

13 Apr


Another impressive piece of jewelry that I was lucky to find.  This one SOLD on ebay for $40.oo.  It was made by Kenneth Jay Lane and weighs over 200 grams. You would have to have stamina to keep this one on all night.  It was probably made in the late 1980’s.

Robert Larin Modernist Gold Plated Pewter Necklace 1970’s

13 Apr



Robert Larin was a well known Canadian designer based in Montreal. He made beautiful, heavily sculpted, modernist jewelry between 1968 and 1972.  His pieces are quite sought after.  This beauty weighs approx. 150 grams.  It  SOLD on ebay for $318.00 US last month.  I was ecstatic at the time of course but now I miss owning it.   Apparently these heavier large pieces did not sell well at the time and were mostly for show in the stores.  I will probably never own another one like it, but it sold to someone  in Montreal who I am sure will really appreciate the history of the piece.