Karoff Originals Fold Away Wood Buffet and Condiment Servers

12 Mar



I have never seen anything like this before.  It is a Vintage mid century Karoff Fold Away Hardwood Buffet #1200 and  opens to 28 ½” -folds to 14”; includes glass  salt and pepper shakers, two glass condiment jars w/wood lids and one mini-glass spoon, (one is missing)  shakers measure 2 ¼”, jars w/lid measure 3” and glass spoons measure 4”;  Karoff Originals made all kinds of neat items for serving food and drinks.  Made in New York in the 1950’s or a bit later.

Will be for sale at my booth in Almonte ON at the Almonte Antique Market soon.  Price is $ 45.00.

Note: This item is now SOLD!!

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