Pink Depression Glass

13 Dec


cookie jarbowl














In the above photos one item is a reproduction.  Can you spot it?  It is the pitcher.  This pitcher was never made by Hazel Atlas in this colour and you can tell when they are grouped together that the pink is more orangy than the other  pink pieces which are genuine.  Most likely the pitcher was made in the 1990’s by an offshore company trying to cash in on the collectibility of depression glassware.   The  10″ berry bowl is by Hazel Atlas and the pattern is Royal Lace ca. 1930’s.  The sandwich plate is Cherry Blossom by Jeannette Glass Co. ca. 1930’s.  The cookie jar is by Federal Glass Co. ca 1930’s and the pattern is Mayfair Open Rose.  The pattern on the repro pitcher is called Florentine 2.

I found the sandwich plate and the berry bowl yesterday while out and about.  Both were in perfect condition with no chips or wear around the edges.


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