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1925’s Calendar Card

31 Oct

1925 Calendar Card

1925 Calendar Card

Another nice find at a recent auction as part of a lot.  This is about 8″ long and is in very brittle condition but still intact.  I think I will put it in a frame behind glass to protect it from further deterioration.  It will be for sale at my booth eventually.

James Bacon & Sons Etched Silk Portraits

31 Oct

Silk Portrait

Silk Portrait

A liberated woman!

I picked up these two etched silk portraits at an auction last week.  Couldn’t believe no one else was interested in them.  I think I scored! They will look great once I remat and frame them.

James Bacon and Sons operated as photographers in England at several different locations; Liverpool, Leeds, Edinburg and Newcastle on Tyne spanning over 70 years.  These particular etchings appear to be from the 1920’s from the style of hair and clothing.

Please note that these  pictures are now SOLD!!!

African Batik Wax Prints

30 Oct
wax dyed fabric

I am waiting for inspiration as to what to make with these lovely fabrics

Don’t you just love these bold, bright prints!  I found all of them at a thrift store and couldn’t resist.   My research on this fabric turned up some interesting bits of information on it’s origin and use.  Check out this blog at for a bit of background info if you are interested.

These pieces were made in Holland and England according to the information on the edges of the prints.

Please note these items are now SOLD!!!


Robert Shaw Lux Minute Minder

30 Oct

green timer

It works fine and reminds me of the avocado kitchen decor of the 60’s that I grew up with.

Please note this item is now SOLD!!

Colditz Germany Teapot and Cups

30 Oct
Colditz Teapot

Mod pattern is so 60’s

Made in the German Democratic Republic by Colditz which operated from 1949 to 1990 in Eastern Germany. This partial set was probably made in the late 60’s or early 70’s.
Please note these items are now SOLD!!

Blendo Parfait Glasses and Martini Jug

30 Oct
Blendo Glassware

Shades of the fifties

Wonderful 1950’s vintage Martini Pitcher  made by the West Virginia Glass Co. and called Blendo.  Blendo tumblers, pitchers, salad sets, cruets, shakers and bowls were made in many different shades of pastel colours.  I found a blog by a Blendo collector you can check out to see other pieces.  The parfait glasses may not be by West Virginia but they certainly are the same vintage and have the  frosted colour on the bottom like Blendo Glass.

Note: These items are now SOLD!

T.G. Green Casserole Dishes

22 Oct
T.G Green Fleur

Forward thinking designs from the 60’s

T. G. Green Potteries Co.  in England manufactured these great vintage casseroles in the early 60’s.  The designer was Berit Turnel.  In the background are a salad bowl and side plates by Jeannette Glass Co. USA, in the Ultramarine Swirl pattern ca 1930’s.  They are on display in my booth at the Almonte Antique Market, Almonte ON.

Please note the Ultramarine bowl and plates are SOLD and the T.G. Green Casseroles are SOLD!!

Franciscan Reflection Dishes

22 Oct
franciscan dishes

Lovely smooth glaze

Great find at the local thrift store.  The colours on these serving dishes are lovely;  soft turquoise and pale creamy yellow on a pebbled light olive green background.  Made in England, the pattern is called Reflections by Franciscan ca 1974-75.   Not quite mid century but close enough!

Please Note: These items are now SOLD!!

Pie Bird Collection

20 Oct
pie birds

Reminds me of baby birds waiting to be fed

This is a relatively small sample of the types of Pie Birds that are out there just waiting to be discovered by avid collectors.  The black and white ones are fairly common.  They were made in many countries and in many different shapes but the bird is the most recognizable one.  The pink and yellow ones pictured are Josef Originals made in Japan in the mid 50’s.  I have had some really cute ones but alas, I sold them.  Now that I am collecting them for myself I hardly ever see anything other than the black ones.   If you want to check out the variety of pie birds available, check out this site:

For those of you who are not familiar with pie birds, they are used to vent the steam in a pie baking in the oven which helps to prevent the filling from boiling over.  You place a bird on the bottom pie crust, place the filling around it and fit the top crust around the bird.


Tulip Themed Collection

20 Oct
tulip collection

These always cheer me up

This is another collection of mine that resides on a corner shelf  in my kitchen.  The Fire King Splash Proof Tulip Mixing Bowls were made by Anchor Hocking around the 50’s.  The shape of the bowls reduces splashes when mixing, hence the term Splash Proof.  The tulip glasses are called ‘Swankyswigs’ and these particular ones were made in the 1950’s. They originally contained Kraft Cheese Spread and they were marketed as a collectable drinking glass. They came in many sizes, colours and patterns.  The milk glass tulip shaker is made by Hocking Glass also ca. 1950’s.   Glass storage container with tulips and red plastic lid manufacturer  is unknown but from the  same era.  My family always laugh when I say this, but tulip themed items are ‘Highly Collectable”.